Open Positions

Job Applicant Alert

All job applicants should take care to avoid employment scams by bad actors posing as recruiters or agents on behalf of potential employers, including Zentalis.  Such bad actors have been reported to utilize phishing attempts through emails, texts or messages sent by unauthorized individuals posing as company recruiters, referencing phony job postings. In addition, these bad actors are asking you to front the company money to purchase your equipment.   All applicants are encouraged to confirm the position for which they are applying is currently posted as an Open Position on the official Zentalis website, at Job Opportunities - Zentalis Pharmaceuticals, and to apply online through Zentalis’ official web portal at BambooHR.   Please be aware that all official Zentalis communications come from an email address ending in "". Zentalis will never extend a job offer without first receiving a completed application and conducting in person interviews. If you have been contacted about employment at Zentalis and would like to confirm that the contact is genuine, please contact the HR team at

Notice to Search Firms/Third-Party Recruitment Agencies (Recruiters)

The Human Resources team manages the recruitment and employment process for Zentalis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Zentalis) To protect the interest of all parties involved, Zentalis will only accept resumes from a recruiter if an executed search agreement is in place at the start of the recruitment effort. Unsolicited resumes sent to Zentalis from recruiters do not constitute any type of relationship between the recruiter and Zentalis and do not obligate Zentalis to pay fees should we hire from those resumes. Recruiters are requested not to contact or present candidates directly to our hiring managers or employees. Please direct all inquiries to